Freehold Ground Rent Investment

buildingThis specialised area of property investment is one in which Simon Alexander has the expertise to add value. Ground rents are governed by a unique legal framework and have very different income profiles to the typical property investment.

Buy Ground Rents
If you would like to invest in this highly secure sector, we are happy to provide advice as well as source opportunities.
Sell Ground Rents
Simon Alexander has mandates from several clients to acquire ground rent investments. If you are looking to sell a ground rent, contact us for a pricing appraisal and quick in-principle decision. 
Ground Rent Consultancy and Valuation
We manage numerous portfolios of ground rents and have a depth of experience in this sector. We can provide management services for existing portfolios, assisted by a state of the art bespoke computer system.
Our consultancy services on matters such as lease terms and management strategy are sought after by developers and investors. 
Knowledge of current and historic market factors place us in an ideal position to offer valuation advice on ground rent investments.